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Accidental betta spawn or weird female?


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I set up a 10 gallon divided tank with what I THOUGHT was 2 females, I came home from work today to find a teeny bubble nest and one of them (presumibably the male) frantically trying to keep the eggs afloat so I moved him to a bucket with as many eggs as I could. Now im very confused because the female is back in the division I left her in but I cant see any way she couldve possibly made it over but now ive got eggs...

is it possible for a female to lay eggs and exhibit behavior of a caring male in the absence of a mate?

note: all the litle specks at the bottom of the tank are eggs O.0 




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I have never seen a female betta make a bubble nest, but I have seen them semi-tend a nest until the male chased them off. Betta eggs are a milky white and fairly large for egg layer eggs. Usually the eggs hatch in 2 - 3 days. Have any of them hatched?

Typically when breeding bettas, you move the female post spawning so that the male can tend the nest.

Also I am not totally sure I followed the timeline you laid out above. It is early morning and I haven't had my coffee yet.🙂

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So two days ago I set up a divided 10 gallon, now the dividers weren't perfect but I tried, so they had been in the same tank about 18 hours before I got home. Last night is when all of this happened lol I saw the bubbles and the eggs and placed them in the bucket, he seems to be taking care of them. I put a lot of frogbit in there and he picked all of the eggs up from the bottom of the bucket and I'm pretty sure he's got them all under the big indian almond leaf but I can't see it. I guess I'll wait 2 or 3 days and see if we have some baby anger nuggets lol

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The beebee feeshees have been moved to a proper tank and are swimming! Daddy did an amazing job and he’s back in his tank resting while I spoil him with lots of food
Now we get to see these little ones grow!





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