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Using mock garden rocks for aquariums, safe?


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So in my eternal search for big stuff for my big aquarium, I learned about mock rocks used in gardens that people use to cover up utility gauges and stuff like that. I went to my local Lowe's and they had this amazing big rock that was also very light, and thought it would make an amazing cave for my jack dempseys and other big cichlids. Ebay has plenty too.


They seem to be made of plastic but got this texturized finish that I'm not sure if its aquarium safe. Any of you guys have ever tried anything like that? If it's aquarium safe this might be super nice to have, since the weight of a rock that size makes it impossible to work with lol. They're considerably cheaper than universal rocks too hehe, these examples are like 70-90 in ebay.

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My only concern would be what are the rocks made of and could that leach into the water. If you could find that out and then search if it is food safe then you're probably good to go. I've seen Oliver Knott vids where he has fake rock walls along the back, but I'm assuming that they're made by high end companies that cater to aquascaping community. 

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