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Pressed into service…


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My three quarantine tanks in the basement have been put into service as grow out tanks for my hatched cories…


And then one of my Male, American Flag Fish developed fin rot.  All the other tank mates have no hint but watching them closely…

spent over an hour to catch him and transfer him…E39DB2A2-26F3-4332-88E1-1AEBDCADCF07.jpeg.63fdc0309cfaf1a2f8530c13be0fdd41.jpeg

Today is day four of treating with Maracyn and aquarium salt.  I bought this bowl to scape and run nano fish…  as filled right now it holds 10 gallons measured…


It came in handy.  My Flag fish swims around the tank non stop..  I had thought he might spend time swimming in and out of the silk plant. He certainly loves swimming in and around plants in the 29 gallon tank and lurking.  In here it is just continually around and around…  Never sits still to allow me to get a good look at how his tail fin is doing…


I do look forward to scaping this with lots of plants and rocks and driftwood and having pygmy cories, green neon tetras and some other tiny fish.  Chili raspboras would be so nice in here as well as CPDs….  Cherry shrimp would look nice too….


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