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What is the fastest growing ground cover for freshwater with medium light? I have a tank with 2 beautiful pieces of driftwood and want to add some color. My two powder blue dwarf gourami like gnawing on the wood but want to add some more fish and believe plants will make the tank all the better. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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Maybe Monte Carlo or microsword would be a good choice if the tank is on the smaller side? Those two would want at least medium light. Other good carpeting species would be like a dwarf sagittaria or dwarf chain sword. They grow a bit taller, but send out runners and fill in nicely after awhile. Also good medium light options. I love eleocharis/dwarf hairgrass for ground cover, but probably need high light and maybe Co2 for fast coverage. 

Fast growing is relative, if you want instant coverage, getting a couple pots would be the way to go. 

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