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Show Off Your DIY Aquarium Stuff

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this is a thread for people to post pictures, and maybe talk about DIY things they made for their aquariums.

Here is my root tab betta tunnel:


i made it by cutting holes in an old root tab container, and my betta loves it. ( can see his tail in the second picture).

So what DIY stuff have you done?


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Fish Sticks  SS. windshield wiper stiffeners: can be left straight and used as a veggie skewer, can be hooked to the top of the tank, cut and bent in half as a plant weight...  A bent tip can be used to retrieve lost tools, plants, the dearly departed...  A piece of cork insures that you don't have to fish for the stick.

Fish Stick.jpg

MAC LIGHT One version of my DIY lights on the project tanks.  I hardwired a rechargeable flashlight rescued from the trash. Now that it has proven itself, I may eventually remove  the original housing and pretty it up.  The plant cup in the corner is attached with a suction cup, The Italian Val. in the cup has grown to about 4" and was returned to the planted tank.  The PSO has also been restored.


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