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Tetra Reccomedations


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I will be looking for some new inhabitants for my tank. My mind first goes to the classic fish, tetras.

So any suggestions?

I am looking for something active,midwater shoaling, with interesting group behaviours, and before someone mentions them I DONT WANT RUMMYNOSE! Ive concluded silver tips are too agressive for my betta, this list would have to be betta compatible, and not extremely easy to breed, i would want to breed them as a challenge for myself. Also nothing over 2in, and it should be compatible for a 20high.

Here are my current considerations:

Lemon Tetras

Black Neon Tetras

X-ray tetras (possibly with 1 glofish, but probably not as at my LFS the glofish version is tripple the price).

if you have experience with any of the above fish, or have a different idea please tell me.

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Is it cheating to name a rasbora? Bc emerald eye rasbora was the first fish to come to mind. If we are limited to tetras, just get one that you think looks the coolest. The smaller ones tend to be more docile. I dont think any of the mellower tetras have that interesting behavior, outside of the tighter schooling ones.

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