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Warning when opening Xtreme Food

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I had a similar seal issue when I opened up my shrimpee food that I'd ordered.  Today I got in my order from ACO and everything was fine.  I went to open up the food and feed it out and BOOOOOM.  Food everywhere.  The seal didn't quite seal, I think I determined why, but this is the result apart from the bit on the floor.


Not too bad, just caught me by surprise.  You can zoom in / see the lid seal is slightly ajar from the jar.

I looked at the lid and I'm assuming when it was closed up there was some flake on the rim that made it's way onto the glue.

Not really a major concern, but just one of those things you hope to see fixed in future.

For now, just be careful when you open a jar.

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Maybe it was loaded on an airplane at some point and the low atmospheric pressure caused the seal to open. Kind of of like when you take an unopened bag of chips to higher altitudes, the bag will appear as if it is inflated, like a pool toy, due to the lower atmospheric pressure. 

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