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Where to plant Red Devil Swords?

Kelly S

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I picked up a pot of Red Devil Sword yesterday and now I have to decide where to plant the 3 plants that were in the pot. In the flow where my HOB pours in, or a lower-flow area is I guess the biggest question. I don't know how people manage to have a pre-plan for their tanks but I pretty much have been trying plants and getting more of things that seem to do well. In the process, I stick new plants wherever I see a hole. These swords are going to be large-ish for my tanks (29g and 40b), but I do still have some options.

I do have a big fake Texas holey rock in the middle of the 29g that I'd just remove except that over the last 2 years it's really become a habitat, hosting anubias, algae, java moss, shrimp, fry, kuhli loaches, etc. But I could move that into the path of the HOB flow if the swords don't want to be right in the line of fire (Funny aside, one of my SAE's hovers in the HOB flow and grabs duckweed that gets dunked lol.) In case it helps, I can try to add photos of both tanks once the cat allows me to get up, but be nice; they are not perfect, pristine show tanks.


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