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Bloated black skirt tetra


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I got some black skirt tetras about a year ago and one of them was either bloated when I bought them or became bloated shortly after. I can’t remember. Is there anyway I can help the fish? It’s been like this for over a year and acts normal for the most part, so I have no clue what could be wrong. The photo with the amazon sword plant was taken in January of this year and the other 2 are from right now 




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I'd start with quarantining and a treatment of salt. Hold off on food for a while, then see if you can get it to eat some crushed boiled peas or crush canned green beans. It will most likely take around a month to see any improvements though.

Hopefully not an internal parasite that is the cause of this (don't want to worry you more, so I wouldn't jump to this conclusion but its good to keep an eye on their poo holes😄) if so, extra treatment would be needed to give full relief from this issue.

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