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Colored lights and plants

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The way I've seen it explained is that, generally, the higher the wavelength, the deeper into the water the light can penetrate, assuming that the brightness is held constant. So blue light is brighter deeper than red light would be. But light of any color (well, in the visible spectrum, anyway) can be photosynthesized.

@Seattle_Aquarist addressed this in a different thread:

In it, he wrote (among other things):

"Plant utilize all spectrum of light.  Some light spectrum (mostly in the violet/blue) produce more photosynthesis and growth, other light spectrum (orange/red) promote flowering and leaf size even the green spectrum promotes certain chemical processes in plants and leaves.  That is why 'red light' is typically used in hydroponic farming facilities."

So if I'm following @Seattle_Aquarist and @Mmiller2001 correctly, there are minor differences between colors but not enough to make a difference for the hobbyist, who should just choose a color palette for aesthetic reasons.

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