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New Coop CO2 regulator- additional tech info


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Having watched (YouTube) and searched on-line info on this regulator I have some additional questions. 

1. All regulators on the market that I'm familiar are connected to the CO2 tank using a nylon washer ring or a permaseal.  This allows you replace either as needed. The new Coop regulator has a built-in sealing ring (saw on Bentley's YT Channel).  What is this, and can it be removed and replaced with more traditional seals.?  I'm concerned about long term effectiveness of the seal.

2. What is the regulator body made from and what is the working pressure range?

Overall, this regulator looks real nice for the price. Thanks!




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It comes with extra o ring seals in the box. I've never had to replace one yet in 2 years. The working pressure is from essentially 0 to higher than would ever be used on an aquarium. I'd have to dig way back in the emails, the operating pressure can go high so you can run up to 6 outlets. We invested extra to have this ability.

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