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Maracyn oxy poisonous to snails?


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I'm treating a fish that looks to have scraped its "nose" on something and has a fungal infection. I don't currently have a hospital tank so I dosed the whole tank which does include other fish as well as a bunch of pest snails. 


Maracyn oxy does say it's poisonous to invertebrates, and I haven't seen any active snails in a few days. I'm guessing it killed all the snails. Problem is......


Now I've got a small ammonia spike. I just did a large probably 60%+ water change to help dilute and obviously dosed prime. 


I guess my question is, with the amount of small pest snails I saw in there, what kind of ammonia spike could I be looking for? I have to be out of town for work and probably not going to be able to do daily water changes. 

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