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This is the cutest fish! If you disagree, what do you think is the cutest fish?


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In my opinion this is the cutest fish:

I have a 2 gallon tank with 5 platy juveniles in it. I am a lover of platies, and the adults are awesome! But these platies in this tank are around a month and a half old, which in my opinion is the CUTEST stage of life in a platy, looks and behaviours. I have been getting tons of enjoyment watching these little cuties swim around.

here is a picture of the tank, and ill try to get a good photo of one of the fish:


If you disagree post a picture of what you think is the cutest fish.


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I personally think honey gouramis are absolutely adorable, but of the fish I own, the hillstream loaches have been dubbed "so cuwte!" by the hoards of toddlers in my life. (Nieces, nephews, and little cousins. XD) They're utterly fascinated by them, and the 2 year especially regularly announces how cute they are to anyone who will listen.



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