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Dragon Puffer Tank Journal

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Yes I had one “Jabba” he’s very large and I acquired 2 more. They are currently all hidden in there, my plan is to journal using pictures and try to document things as they progress, I’ll try to get a good picture of them tomorrow if they will let me 

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@TheSwissAquarist I have not but i do like all the Pao puffers. I do prefer the groups personally and enjoy seeing everyones experiences with that dynamic. @CJs Aquatics this is going to be a great thread. Thanks for sharing the Dragon colony experiences. I am curious to see how they change color and pattern vs my mekongs and hairys. 

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3FC0A0E0-1347-4C1C-8EEC-3A8FD890E959.jpeg.a6418bc540ebed26ab7e841f24a7037f.jpegStare down 6CAF7502-1570-4655-9E43-8D1D0CF42F35.jpeg.dcf7429862e152e5b6339f1ec36a8e0d.jpegJabba

67B627BD-875C-443C-8B03-AEF7BAE2364A.jpeg.30e69094b9d7bf8d260dab6853fe77d1.jpegOther Dragon Puffer in photo (still unnamed) -3rd is hiding and noticeably more timid

-they are eating snails and this one is starting to show interest in food other then live the other needs more time 

-2 platies left of 8 so I’m assuming the puffers got them they were very interested in them 

- interaction has been minimal they are aware of each other and some very very mild sparing over cave but other then that they stay in there sections of the tank when not hunting snails or exploring 

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