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I need some advice, I bought a used 125 gallon tank that needs a really good cleaning.  I would like to have a  fahaka puffer, but I’m not sure of something’s like.

The filtration, what would be good for this puffer?

Food, I’ve read what to feed puffers, but not  how much in one setting and how often?

Thank you, Patti 🙂

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Fahaka puffers can be great to have. I’ve never purchased one myself, but I’ve had three over the past two years that people abandoned at my door in home depot buckets. Two where only about 7” and one was about 13”. I was a little nervous sticking my hand in the big ones tank;) I found that the best filter was a strong canister. They are a pretty messy eater. Often they don’t finish eating all the parts of what you feed them. As for what and how much, I find it best to feed them a mixed diet of live snail, frozen snail meat, frozen fish, and clams on the 1/2 shell. To figure out the amount I’ll do the following every few months. Feed them a little at a time and take note of how much you have feed until they stop eating. I personally take 1/2 this amount and divide it into two feedings in the morning and at night. They have a short digestive track and will pass a meal in 4-5 hours. The poop is large:) They are a river puffer and stronger water flow is ok, so long as they have a calm spot. I’ve found that all three of mine like Swim through caves to hide in. I’ve also found that Fast, smaller fish are easier to keep with them as they are too much work to try and eat. 

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