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Can someone identify this loach?

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On 2/6/2023 at 6:44 PM, knee said:

Looks like it could be in the Cobitis genus. Maybe Cobitis Sinensis? 

Hello, rabbit.  I think you’re close with a Cobitis species, but doesn’t seem likely to be sinesis.  Maybe palludica or taenia.  We need a loach expert for this one, but a google search did bring up a couple more options at least.

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Pretty close!

Paracanthocobitis Botia

or Mottled zipper loach


Notice the characteristic oscellus at the top of the caudal peduncle, that brings it into the Paracanthocobotis genus. The other give away is the mottled markings under the lateral line. They resemble eyespots when younger to confuse predators. As they age the eyespots become more diffuse. From what I have read zipper loaches are fairly hardy species in the hobby and quite energetic. 


When it comes to loach I.D seriouslyfish has some good references to articles. For reference a specimen from the Bengladesh zoological database:


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