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Connecting Canister Filters?

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I'm running two canister filters on all my tanks and it just occurred to me that I could probably combine them by connecting the outtake of one into the intake of another. Has anyone done this? Any issues with flow/power/anything? I'd love to get some gear out of the tank if possible. I think I could do it on two tanks, since the canisters are the same brand... but I have two different brands on one of my 75s so I'm not sure it'd work as well without some doing on my part... thoughts?


In hindsight I should have just started with an fx4 or fx6 or something on each.. but in my head $250 twice at different times of year hurts less than $500 off the rip...so here we are..lol 

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I would personally just run them separately. There is a big advantage to be had in running two filters, being that if one goes down the other can keep things going good enough for a while. 

I can also imagine a lot of problems with trying to link these filters when one is more clogged than the other, one's motor is wearing out, and various other issues that cause them to get out of sync. Maybe that's all in my head though, I haven't tried it. 

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On 2/6/2023 at 1:30 PM, nabokovfan87 said:

You're better off using booster filters.


Well I was hoping to connect what I already had to get some equipment out of the tank.. not sure this would help with that but certainly a cool video to keep in the back pocket!

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