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Guppy female aggressive towards male


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I just bought this guppy pair from my local fish store and I currently have them in quarantine. I have noticed the female is more dominant when it comes to eating and she has been nipping the fins. This is their 4th day together and I noticed that the males fin was pretty beaten up. So then I put him in a plastic breeder box and I added an air line for oxygen in its breeder box and then I have dosed the tank with vitachem. I will try to feed him with vitachem as an additive to there food. They have been dosed 3 times with ich x and once for paraclense, with 33% water changes with the ich x when added. Is there anything else I can do? F345745A-5918-4062-BE0E-B785AB78BFFC.jpeg.4dbd3f3a93866ad8733b41d628e4ba4e.jpeg

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