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Lighting recommendations for fluval 3.0 light


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Hello, all you beautiful people. I was hoping to get advice I have a 10-gallon tank and I am currently using the the Fluval 3.0 24-inch light. I currently have 3 anubias plants. Two of which are sprouting new leaves. I use easy green once a week and just got easy carbon from aquarium co-op to use. My tank now appears to be fully cycled. I've noticed algae on the leaves. Every week I am cleaning some of the algae off the leaves but it comes right back. Do I have the lighting too high? I've already lowered it 3% a couple of weeks ago. Any suggestions? I have attached a photo of my light settings and tank. Thanks for the help! 




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Those percentages are about what I use on my 20H - so might be a bit much, esp for a long duration. Anubias's are slow growers that enjoy lower lighting. 

Another thing I like doing with these lights is a really long sunrise/sunset, so the light is only at max levels for a shorter time. 

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