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DIY betta tunnel


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This is just me sharing my DIY betta tunnel for anyone that wants to use the idea, its VERY simple though.

The idea started with me and @xXInkedPhoenixX chatting about betta tunnels, who recommended i try a tunnel for my betta.

Now aquariumcoop does sell one. Ill put that out there, this is their forum: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/products/betta-floating-log?_pos=3&_sid=f229dd788&_ss=r

Now to me $12 wasnt worth it for something i could DIY, im kind of on a DIY/making things happen with what i have kick right now, as appose to just buying,buying,buying. So what i did was very simple, i took a root tab container, took the top off and cut a bunch of holes in it. Attached are pictures of it, and what i started with, and the end result. (a note, when i was making this i didn't take any pictures, the root tab container, is  a different container, same product though).




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