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Clip On Lights for a Standard RIMMED Tank


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What up Nerms?!

I’m over here daydreaming about turning my 20 gallon long into a blackwater/botanical style aquarium with Sparkling Gourami’s, Chili Rasboras, shrimp (neo’s might work as my water is already soft, low pH, 0 buffer OR maybe I’ll try my hand at some CRS) and a Nerite or two if I can pull it off. 

I see the scape in my head and I imagine almost a mirror image. Spider Wood on each side flowing towards the middle with most likely Seiryu Stone to compliment the Spider Wood. Then, Anubius and maybe Java Fern (Java Ferns haven’t don’t great for me in the past, but I’m willing to try more/again) attached to the wood and stone. I’d love either A) a double head light or B) 2 pendant style lights (one on each side) to light up the plants and also give a *dramatic* effect. 

I was searching around Amazon and found some double head lights or some more expensive pendant lights, but it seems that all I’ve found is intended for rimless tanks. Do you currently have any clip on/pendant style lights for your RIMMED tanks, or did you have to modify your rimmed tank to accept a light intended for a rimless tank? I’d love to not have to modify my tank, but I’m also not scared to do so if it’s necessary. 

I just measured the lip of my tank, and even if I cut out the piece intended to hold the lid I would need a clip on light that had a gap of at least 3/8”, and some of the lights I was looking at had like 1/4” at best. Here’s the links I was looking at earlier this evening:


This light seems rad, is easy on the wallet, I feel it would give me the *dramatic* effect I’m looking for, but seems to have <1/4” gap that won’t work on my standard 20 gallon long  

Then there’s these:


They have a gap just shy of 2” so they would probably work, but needing 2 of them, $100 for lighting alone when I’m gonna drop some cash on botanicals seems a little insane. Maybe I’ve just been privileged and feel like if im gonna spend $100 on lighting I might as well go with an ACO light, but wouldn’t get the spotlight/dramatic effect.

Same brand as the previous link, but ~60% of the price:


Claims it has a ~1” clip on gap, but not sure I love the light. Could work, but I feel skeptical about it.

Essentially, I feel like I’m starting over with lighting. I was fortunate to find something I liked right off the bat 3 years ago and all but one of my tanks have the same lights. Am I way overthinking this? Is lighting even that important in a blackwater set up considering the tint absorbs a lot of light? Considering I wanna run with low light plants does it even matter? The main thing is, what clip on/pendant lights have worked well with your rimmed aquariums? Thank you in advance, fellow nerms. Show me what you got!






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