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Java Moss


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On 1/31/2023 at 10:16 PM, Cbarbe said:

Just ordered some java moss from aquarium Co-Op. Will the mesh be okay with my corys? 

I generally prefer to keep moss with my corydoras above all other plants.  they do like to graze on things, use it for eggs, and it fits with how they like to lay.  It's a good choice! They will be fine with it.  As for the mesh.... if it is plastic, should be fine. If it is stainless, I have had some wounds from similar mesh and do recommend you remove it and attach it.

I tried burying it in the sand, didn't work, but there should be thread or something you can untie (or cut the moss itself) and glue it to the hardscape.


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Okay, so I did the super glue method. I sort of made a mess of things. (newbie). I let it cure for five minutes on the rocks before transferring it to a bowl of dechlorinated water. I used gorilla super glue. It says on the package to allow 24 hours to cure should I have left it out of the water for that time or is it okay to put it in the tank today after my water change? Thanks for the help. 😊

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