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LED Ligth Burning

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Your "spot" lamps are burning the LEDs because they do not have adequate ventilation. Solutions: Make holes in the lamp holder plate, increase the ventilation in the upper part of the room, or use the bare lamp, choose one option. Heat is the second reason LEDs burn out, the first being over voltage, but I see you've got that covered.
This message is meant to be a direct message to Cory, yes I'm off topic.
Greetings from Argentina (in the south of Peru)

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now you got me curious as to what Cory's answer will/would be.

I assume you are referring tothe over head rail type lights (because I would have thought at least with my experience with LEDs in a bulb, that they normally last quite a long time) as the ones i buy for home use I wanna say I use like a 50 watt and thats supposedly equal to a 100-120 watt filament style bulb, I've also used halogen overheads in my garage (they can get really, really HOT but super bright. As i use my garage to do alot of motorcycle work, and the brighter the better.

I do think if they are LED bulbs than you have a good point, my friend..........guess we shall see

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