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Pea puffer question

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Various forums debate this point. I've never seen ours eat MTS, but they certainly can slice into a pond snail!

Here's a video that purports to show a Pea Puffer eating MTS. Not the best angles, but it's promising...


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MTS are definitely not their preferred species, but they will snack on them if nothing else is available.  For mine, in order of preference, whiteworms, live Daphnia, blackworms, scuds, Grindal worms, bladder snails, ramshorns, microlife that’s too small or well-hidden for me to see, nearly anything else, then MTS.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten something.  Oh, they will eat microworms and vinegar eels when very young, then ignore them as they get older and bigger because after the peas reach a certain size, it appears that going after such tiny worms is too far beneath their dignity.  😝 

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