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Do I need a bubbler to oxygenate the water if I have a double sponge filter


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My old HOB filter died and I ordered a double sponge filter to replace it. I'm wondering whether the sponge filter will generate enough water movement to oxygenate the water or whether I need to supplement it with a separate bubbler.

(I'm running an undersized regular sponge filter as a stopgap until the new arrives.)



Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 9.00.59 AM.png

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From my understanding, a single bubble source like you use to power a sponge filter like that *should* bring your O2/CO2 levels to be on par with atmospheric levels pretty well, so an extra might help with circulation if placed in another part of the tank, one should do a good job of keeping the gas levels where they should be in your water.

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