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African Jewel Cichlid fry, now what?


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Just discovered some fry today. So far the parents seem to be pretty attentive, they chase any otocinclus catfish away and occasionally grab one in their mouth and move them. 

My thought was to just to keep feeding live and frozen baby brine shrimp--as well as feeding the adults blood worms and flakes, and leaving the fry in the same tank with the parents. 

Has anyone bred African jewel cichlids before? Do I actually need to separate the fry like the internet suggests? Looking for tips from people with personal experience. thank you

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Parents are typically good to care for their brood. You probably have hundreds. I find those to be hard to grow-out / sell / move… so I would probably just leave them in and see how it goes. Depends on exactly what you’re goals are.

If fry will eat frozen baby brine, you’re all good. New Life Spectrum GROW fry powder might be good if they’re too young to accept the frozen food.

Show pictures!

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