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Diagnosing Illness on Bushynose Pleco - Help Please


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Hello All, 

I am looking for some help diagnosing or ruling out issues with my new bushynose pleco. This is my first BNP. 

I bought him about 4 weeks ago and place him in a quarantine tank. The fish has a swollen belly, white poop and eats very little. I also noticed goldish tints on him. It somewhat resembles velvet but I've heard that some plecos have goldish tints naturally. 

I've completed treatment in this order:

1 week straight of Ich-x to treat gold tint- every day (no signs of gold tint going away)

then after a two day rest period of nothing

I did a round Expel-P (2 doses 1 week apart) to treat the bloated stomach. (did not fix the stomach)

then another week of Ich-X.

I've tried feeding peas for constipation but he was not liking them

After all the treatment nothing has changed. He's still hanging in there. Not super active but he does move around. 

Are these symptom normal in a bushynose pleco meaning there is nothing to worry about or do you think he is sick still and I should not place him in the my Main display?


Sorry about the upside down pictures. every time I loaded them they came over upside down. 


Water Parametes:


79F - in hospital tank

0 ammonia/nitrite/nitrate

6.8 pH

slighly hard water. 



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