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Best Shelving Unit for Fish Tanks?


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I have been on the hunt for over a year for the best and affordable shelving unit for fish tanks.

I've seen those wired ones people keep saying are great... but there are people with videos on Youtube having them bend and rust.

I also seen those metal ones that just sit together with a non-water-proof small wooden boards on each shelf.


Curious what people have found out there that can last years without bending or give you peace of mind to not coming home to a broken shelf with tanks leaking everywhere. My worst fear.

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A couple years back I bought a rack (maybe Husky brand?) from SAMs Club that stated each level could hold 2,500 lbs, with the whole rack being rated for 10,000 lbs. 


I have a 55 gallon on the top level 😬with a 20 high. 20 long and a 29 on the mid level. (3) 10 gallon quarantine/grow out tanks plus my buckets and Python on the bottom. 

I think it cost me $120 or $150 and has been worth every penny for me. No issues whatsoever about 2.5 years later. 

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