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Finally got Algae pretty much under control


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Honestly I dont see any algae anymore, but I dont want to get over confident.

pressurized CO2  largely made the difference…. i had gotten it down a bit before instituting pressurized co2, but it was always there and had to trim and treat weekly.


a couple of months after instituting co2, it just isnt requiring any effort on my part.


Anybody who can pull it off without the CO2 lever has my respect as it was a constant battle before.  

Granted I was handicapped by not being allowed to keep armano shrimp or hillstream loaches or such.  American Flag fish were my primary Algae eaters and they were not really keeping apace with it…


my Scarlet Temple is finally showing some signs of recovery as well.

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I have algae but not so much I think it's ugly. Not really making it worth my trying co2 and adding another layer to my hobby. BUT glad for you that you pulled it off! I think having that "handicap" not being able to keep certain species you'd have to find an alternative! I bet the plants love you for it too. 

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Other than the expense of purchase and time of initial set up, the effort and ongoing expense has been minimal.

I eyeball the pressure giage in the morning and the bubble counters to make sure they are more or less the same rate they should be.  I dont bother to exactly determine the bubble rate by counting with a stop watch… I look to see mist is coming from the diffusors and that they dont need cleaning yet…


I eyeball the drop checkers in the evening when I get home.  That is the extent of my effort with the co2.

I supplement to a moderate rate never getting close to the 30 ppm.I trim and cull plants weekly, but I sort of did that before co2 also.


I cant say that the plants are growing incredibly faster, but they do subjectively look healthier. The reds and orange hues are more pronounced, the scarlet temple is starting to look healthy as opposed to barely surviving…

The biggest difference is the lack of visible algae on leaves, and the lack of maintenance I need to do to control algae everywhere else.

It has been like flipping a switch..

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