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I currently have a 40 gallons breeder. I have 5 paleatus Cory cats, 1 Chinese millstream loach, 2 Borneo millstream loaches, 7 white clouds, 4 nerite snails, a Betta and I started out with 7 platys. Well now I have no idea how many platys I have. You tell me. I just want to know if it is over stocked. The tint of the water is an experiment gone wrong. I was hoping to have a deep dark tea colored dark water tank. But didn't use enough peat. So it looks like green tea almost. 


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You should be fine. In my experiences with platies (Hence the username) they have very low bioloads assuming they are being fed a normal amount. Overfeeding anything can give it too high of a bioload. I have a pair of platies right now in a 2gallon tank,  and its been weeks since that tank has needed a water change

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