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Yellow lab tank

Stephen Zawacki

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Hey guys this is my 30 gallon yellow lab tank I started with a delicated pair now am at 11 now I’m going to be going to a 75 gallon for them after I graduate college in 3 months, these fish are by far my favorite!!! So colorful, energetic and awesome!! and awesome!  Here are pics any leave comments! And also critique me if needed lol 



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On 1/27/2023 at 2:33 AM, Stephen Zawacki said:

these fish are by far my favorite

Yellow labs and Cyrtocara mooriis(we call them "dolphins") were what made me love fishkeeping. We call them "yellow princess"  in my country! 🙂

Beautiful colors, energetic character and  behavior on a little bit more peaceful side for cichlids in general(ime). And easy to breed!

I just love heavily planted tank look more than rocky lake biome. But I miss these fish sometimes. Just not a fan of the tank look myself :')

Any plans on adding more fish or breeding them more to increase the population for 75g?

They look so pretty😊

Would love to see the 75g in the future!


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On 1/27/2023 at 6:15 PM, Stephen Zawacki said:

I don’t know yet about if I will add more species, i think that I will keep it just them to keep their like pure I don’t want hybridization and thank you, I’ve worked hard on these guys, beefing them up! 

I see! I'm not that experienced with cichlids by any means, but as far as I know, understocking sometimes may lead to aggression, as they all start to establish some sort of territory if I'm not wrong.

That's why I've asked if you wanna keep the same numbers considering the tank size more than twice!

You may wanna look on that one, or our friends here who are experienced with cichlid keeping may make some suggestions.

Again, I'm not that experienced with cichlids, I kept them like 15 years ago or so. Just wanted to share something left on my mind!

I feel like 11 yellows in a 75g might be on the understocking side for cichlids, just an opinion tho.

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I see! I literally love the pure bright yellow color all over the tank too. I think they look really good alone only as yellow tab tank as well.

Please take my abovementioned opinion above with a grain of salt. Just wanted to mention that, to be better safe than sorry. You have time ahead to search for a good answer anyway.


Have fun!

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