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DIY 3d printed Brine shrimp hatchery w/instructions and model


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Step 1, download the 3d design and print it: https://github.com/readysetawesome/aquatic_prints/blob/main/DIY brine shrimp hatchery.stl

Step 2, you need a plastic pitcher that is almost exactly 100mm in circumference. I think this will work according to Amazon's dimensions, but it is not exactly the same as my pitcher which was found in my closet: YMMV

Step 3, you need a couple things from the hardware store:
extension cord lamp socket
and a wide style bulb with 7-11w of LED power

Step 4  put it all together!

  • slip the extension plug up into the base and out through the hole near the bottom. pull the cord through completely
  • put the bulb threads down into the top of the stand, through the hole in the middle, and bring the socket up to meet it. Twist together completely
  • plug in the stand (and switch on the light if the socket has a switch)
  • place the pitcher into the top of the stand so it's sitting on top of the bulb
  • add salt water, brine eggs, aeration. Check the temperature after a while, it should be around the low 80s F given heat from the light. if the light creates too much heat, add one or more layers of aluminum foil between the bulb and the pitcher.
  • wait for success!





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On 1/26/2023 at 12:41 AM, nabokovfan87 said:

Hatcher is resting on the lightbulb itself?

Neat little design.  IF/When you can, it would be nice to see how you use it. 

Someone else here made a fry tray with their printer, all cool things!

no lie, its useful to have a 3D printer for this kind of thing. I am planning on making a fry tray with mine too

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