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livebearer management

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Our platy tank started in a 10 gallon with cories and a dwarf gourami. That soon became a 40 breeder. He lived very happily for about a year and half. Then without warning was dead. I thought I wanted to keep it nano fish, so we got a betta. Meanwhile platies are still breeding out of control. Betta lived there pretty nicely however he got bloat and passed 9 months in, platies are still out of control at this time. We do live in Florida so hard water. I gave up on all nano fish because i realize i need something to predate on these babies more. At this I am giving away free fish online, feeding just a few times a week, took out all the water sprite. We get an angel fish(maybe too small). We didn't notice any decrease in population and tank explosion ammonia spike killed my angel really quick. Stopped getting fish over year, then thought I would try a pea puffer colony(something that won't breed) inside my platy colony. Started with 3 bought online hoping to get more each week. But I realized they were so tiny they would have been lost in a 40 gallon and really hard to find. I decided they would stay in the 10g. Within the first 3 days they all died, they were the most adorable creatures ever. I was and am heartbroken. I stopped buying fish I for over 3 years. All this time fighting platy explosions. I have learned to look at their waste before feeding that has helped a bunch, turn the water cooler didn't notice decrease. Nothing has decreased them and if i can't give away quick enough,we are a 1 car family so that is hard, then Ammonia spike and they die out or get sick. I do have the meds trio. Right now i have about 20 platies in my 40 , i have 7 young ones in my 10 g as a night light and i do have a separate quarantine tank empty now.  This is after an explosion. I don't want to give them them up completely i love their colors, their patterns, I hate die offs but love that the aquarium is always changing. I love how they interact with the plants and us as well(they are always happy to see us). I don't want those things to change.  I have learned self control with not feeding them all the time. Might sound weird but I like to feed them, like to feed different things and want to feed Live Baby brine but don't because i don't want encourage more babies. I do a heavy water changes once a week(i change that if there is an explosion), I have 3 sponge filters.I guess I just need more guidance on managing livebearers in general. We always hear about how people made guppies weak, I would like to feel like I am helping,  not offering weak, sick, overcrowded fish to the world. I am thinking of an electric blue acara or fire-mouth cichlid might be my centerpiece. Also I have never added another platy from my original 5 should I buy a couple just to freshen up my line? 

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