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It's a Beautiful Day in the Tank-a-hood!

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We've been struggling with our tanks for several weeks. One had to re-cycle after several rounds of medication and the other was just waiting for a re-scape and the arrival of quarantining fish.

After a couple of weekends of work and a few cycles of cloudy-clear, cloudy-clear in the 55-gallon, I woke up this morning to 2 beautifully scaped and clear tanks.

It was a nice surprise!
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2 minutes ago, Ruud said:

Great looking tanks, nice big moss balls in the second one. In the first, is that a rock formation on the left?



@Ruud, yes, it is! My dad collected rocks...from all over. He kept them in his yard in various spots. When we got ready to build our tank, I asked my mom if we could use a few of Daddy's rocks. (He passed away in 2016.) She quickly agreed, knowing Daddy would've been tickled to see them used for something nice. I love them in there...sweet memories attached, and they always brings a smile. Thanks for asking...I love to tell the story about them. 🙂

I used white rocks (from Lowe's - a home improvement store) underneath to raise the rock on the left up several inches off the bottom. The rocks on the right are underneath all that java moss. The Marimo moss balls are from Aquarium Co-Op.

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Thats a great story @akconklin, great to have something so personal in your tanks!

Those Marimo moss balls look amazing. I don't see them often in the few stores we have here and usually they are very small. I really want one for my tank! I think they look great!



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5 minutes ago, Daniel said:

Okay @akconklin this could just be the eye surgery thing again, but is there a little aquarium inside your big aquarium?


😆😆😆 (I'm out of emojis for the next 24 or so hours, I guess!)  No, @Daniel, your eyes are fine! That's the reflection from the other tank across the room. It was either that, or the floor lamp, desk lamp and computer screen. Ha!

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