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What interesting things....


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Did you see in your tank today? 

Shrimp feeding on a pellet


Amano is getting huge-I guess close to 2 inches, they're usually on the sponge filter. 


Something is eating my new Bucephalandra...suspect the pest snails.


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A mystery snail in my wife’s frog tank had sucked onto the back of a frog. These African dwarf frogs are aquatic but they do need to be a gulp of air once in a while! This one was clearly not happy about being pinned under a huge mystery snail. 

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Just got my box from the mail, impatiently waiting and excited to try some new foods tonight. (Bentley's stream is soon, still mulling over how much work to get done today)

I had to rush out of the house and so the fish got repashy. They always do fine with it, the panda tank just seemed a little sleepy today. They were all out, but looked like some overfed whales on the beach. 

I checked all the water parameters, checked PH and tried to verify things going on. Found out that because of the weather my GH that was 400+, that slowly has dropped down for the past 4-6 months to 150- is now down into the 75 range.  Water company is killing me with this stuff.....

I have to keep an eye on that, stare a lot more at the tanks tonight, potentially try to dose that stuff back up if the rain is causing stability issues.

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