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Aquarium animal that can keep the bottom stirred up

Marnol D

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I have a community tank (60 gallons) that has a gravel bottom. It has 17 mystery snails a rainbow shark (5 inches very docile for their breed ive had mega aggressive ones but this one is chill) and they dont seem to break the poop apart at the bottom of the tank either by swirling it up or crawling over it. The tank has a a good amount of rooted plants and my nitrates hang around 5-10 and im running CO2.


The question is... is there a good creature I can add that can help crumble the poop or mix it in the gravel better? 

(note i can gravel vaccum the open areas but its the areas with the plants that the poop and mulm seem to build up... im not looking for something that eats poop (idk if thats even a thing) just something that moves it around that will crumble it or move it to the water column for the filter to snag)


(stocking is guppies rainbow shark and snails and one solo juvenile sword tail that i missed when giving them away)

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