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Explosion of little white worms


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I have a quarantine tank that killed all of my guppies (well they died at least). 
lots of meds from the quarantine 3 had gone in there to save them, but no luck. 
anyway, at least 1 90% change has happened since there have been no fish and I’ve just let it run in case the cycle had crashed. 

it been a couple of weeks and there have been only a few live plants in there. 

now there has been an explosion of worm things. 
could they be parasites that had been killing the fish and now have life cycled back to worm form?

would appreciate your thoughts before I nuke or trash everything within 10 feet of this tank 😜








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Nooooooo...leave them in! 🙂 The reason you didn't see them before is because they are yummy in a fishy's tummy. 😆 Now that nothing is gobbling them up, they are happily reproducing. They aren't harmful, but are a good sign that your tank still has life in it. That's a good thing!

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