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Tank light dimensions


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Have acquired  4 sizes of the excellent co-op tank lights. Here are the fully closed and fully open dimensions of the 12,17,24 & 30 inch lights.

Fully closed arms.       Fully OPEN ARMS.

12—-12 IN.                          19 3/4 in.

17—19 7/8 in.                       33 7/16 in.

24—-23 3/4 in.                    37 3/8 in.

30—30in.                             43  5/8in.

If anyone out there has open/closed dimension support arm measurement for the 36 in. Model , would appreciate receiving.


Bob E

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Here are two pictures that should explain what I am talking about. Second  picture shows shows support arms fully closed, dimension is the long length of the light. First picture is support arms fully extended, dimension is the long length of the light including extension arms fully extended.



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