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'Kitchen tank' rescaping

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Set up this tank a few months ago. First time i used sand instead of gravel and lavarock.
Tank size 80 x 40 x 35 cm. In inches that is about 32 x 16 x 14.
Stocked with Sterbai Corydoras, Diamond Tetra's and Endlers.

The Endlers weren't supposed to be in this tank at first, but they got out of control in another tank.
Now the Diamond Tetra's go after most of the fry so the numbers stay a bit more in control.
Makes it a really crowded tank though ;).

Wasn't a big fan of the setup and already removed most of the lavarock a few months later.
But still it isn't doing it for me. I notice that i don't give enough love to the fish in tanks that i don't enjoy.
So for the sake of myself and the fish. Time for a rescape.

Went to a LFS and got myself some new supplies and went in my backyard to collect some rocks from my outdoor pond.
Let's see if we can make something that makes me happy again!


(Still have to check the rocks if they are safe. So don't worry if you see one that shouldn't be in the aquarium and be free to give me a heads up for one to check extra carefully :D)




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