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Normal Amano shrimp behavior?


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I added Amano shrimp to my 15 gallon setup 3 days ago. They've been hanging out in the guppy grass or perching on top of the heater switch. Is this normal? I thought they normally scurry around the bottom of the tank. I've never had shrimp before (other than with cocktail sauce) so I'm not sure what to watch out for.


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Shrimps are all over the tank. Mostly where the food is.

Big change you have a lot of bacteria growing close to the light (so the floating guppy grass) that they enjoy.
Especially the first days the tank is one big feeding area for them, because nobody had a go at it before.

My experience is that later on they might move a bit more to the bottom of the tank where the left over fish food is.

On the picture i only see happy shrimp!

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