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Will peppered corys eat live adult brine shrimp?

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I'm hatching baby brine shrimp and thinking about growing some of the water out into adult brine shrimp to feed my peppered corys.  Do you think peppered corys will eat live adult brine shrimp, or will the shrimp just die and foul the water?

I tried feeding them live scuds, but they didn't seem to interested, so I gave the scuds away.

I would love to know if this worked for you.



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I have not tried live adult brine shrimp, but all of the corys I have had in the past have ate frozen adult brine shrimp. I would assume that if the live ones got to the bottom and they could catch them, then they would probably eat them, but it would be a matter of them catching them on the bottom since they are catfish and mostly feed from things laying on the bottom of the tank. 

If live doesn't work for them, you could always grow them up to the size you want, freeze them, then feed them as you want. 


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