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Spanish water parameter & test strips Q


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So decided to give my tap water at home a test and see what the parameters are:

Now I understand why people say they do 50% RO and 50% tap when they want to hold Discus or any SA fish.

NO3 50 (mg/l ppm)

NO2 0

GH > 21

KH 20 (most likely higher)

PH 8ish


I am using a JBL test kit but wondering what in people's experience are the most accurate test kits. I remember Cory talking about it in one of his daily Vlog videos I think how he always uses a certain brand. Tetra maybe? 


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I used JBL test and Tetra tests no big difference. Just don't use tests were you scan with phone those are very unreliable because they depends of phone camera, picture quality and light so results are different.

Either way they are ok for showing is something really off but if you want precise results use liquid tests.


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