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planting Elodea/Anarchis

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I came by a sprig of this by accident- tiniest bit came in my bag of ghost shrimp. I was too lazy to try and met it out that day and left it for the next. Needless to say, I forget about it. When I saw it again, it had grown a side sprout and tiny hairlike roots. I plugged it (very carefully) down into the gravel and it’s been growing there ever since. My corydoras did manage to uproot it but I just tucked it back into the substrate and it’s as if nothing happened. 

first pic is when I first planted around Christmas. Second pic was a few days ago.



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I used to plant them, now I have been floating them for ages. Once they are floated, they randomly grow roots in some places, so I think you can plant those roots. My shrimp love the floating jungle they have created over time:)

If you don't want to float for a while, or don't wanna use it as a floating plant, I think they will still do okay even if you just get the bottom leaves out and plant it like a random cutting. I saw them being sold at my lfs like cuttings like that.

As far as I know, they feed from water column a lot no matter what, even if you plant them! 

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