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Med Trio Cloudy Water


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Hi everyone. I've got some sick fish and have decided to run the med trio in all of my tanks, as I've never properly treated my fish with meds before. I've got a 29 gallon standard, 12 gallon long, and a ten gallon quarantine tub. The two tanks are heavily planted and have been set up for a year. The 12 gallon has co2, the 29 does not. All tanks are ph=7, nitrates =20, kh=30 ppm, no nitrite or ammonium. Temp is 72F in the 12 gallon and 76F in the 29 gallon and the tub. 

I added the same amount of meds to all three tanks following the co-op instructions on the website, and 48 hours later the water is extremely cloudy in both the 29 gallon tank and the quarantine tub. The 12 gallon is crystal clear. Is this normal? I had 4 dead fish this evening in the tub from the order I recieved yesterday from Aqua Huna, so I've broken down the tub and moved the living fish into the two respective tanks. I'm concerned about this cloudy water issue though, and am unsure if this is just a side effect of the med trio throwing off the bacterial balance in the tank or something else that I should be concerned with. It doesn't make sense to me to do a water change and new meds if it's just going to become cloudy again, but I also don't want more fish dying. Any thoughts?

I've attached a picture of the cloudy 29 gallon for reference



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I'd test the water, as long as there isn't ammonia or nitrite you're fine.  Some tanks react differently, but usually I find once your bacteria has been through the med trio once it's more "stable" if you need to do it in the future. I actually think it just comes down to how established the tank is overall the conditions before treatment. A neglected tank could have a different reaction than one that is serviced regularly etc. For your tanks, I'd say it's just a bit of bacteria die off, and the white is the bloom of the new bacteria.

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