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Minimum Distance For Canister Filter

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I have a tank that is about 4 inches off the ground, and I'm hoping to filter it with a Fluval 107. The top of the canister (red line) will only be about an inch or 2 from the intake. I'm wondering if that will be enough distance to prime it. Does it have to be completely under the tank to work?



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You could verify in the manual, but most of the time it's based on water level.  Has to be below the water for the siphon aspects to function.  I don't think having the pipe short is recommended because then it means it's too tight of a bend.  You want to keep in mind those braces on the rim, use those as a guide for minimum bend radius.  Especially having to disconnect and re-attach the pipes, you might want to give yourself some slack to do so (a few inches).

Whatever that "minimum distance" is, it's going to take into account all of those factors. 

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Dang. I just recently considered doing a canister filter and have only seen a couple of review videos. Those are good points that I didn't consider. I forgot about the tight bend in the hose brackets. Thank you!

Looks like I'll be going with sponge filters for this one. 

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