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Stocking a Tanganyikan Tank


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Hi everyone, 

I had posted a thread on this topic months ago but things have changed. 

I’ve re-homed all my Shell dwellers as they were making it hard for the other Tang fish in my tank to swim around. The larger fish would rarely ever cross the shellie colony at the center of the tank. Since rehoming them, the other fish have been behaving much more enjoyably, swimming around and exploring places in the tank they’ve never seen.

here is my current stock:

leleupi (1)

brichardi (1)

Julidochromis Marlieri (1)

synondontus multipunctatus catfish 

could I fit one more small tang cichlid in this tank? I was thinking a calvus or compressiceps. I’ve seen plenty of videos of 30 gallon long tanks with many many more tang cichlids, for example Prime Time Aquatics has a tang tank with about 10 tang cichlids, even some breeding pairs. I don’t plan on having any breeding pairs so I figured adding one more cichlid would be okay just wanted to check with anyone who may know more. Maybe Zenzo can chime in.  I’ve got two large rock piles on either side of the tank with an empty area in the middle that I may add more rocks to just to provide more hiding spaces. 


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