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Stocking ideas for 20 gallons


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Hey, I have a 20 gallon and I am planing to stock it with 12 rummy nose tetras. I am either going to put  Betta, Apistogramma agazzi fire red, Bolivian ram, German blue ram, golden ram but I just could not find out which one to pick! I was just going to pick what looks best at my LFS. So reply back to help me pick out what to buy for my centerpiece fish.


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Rummy noses are very active and curious fish, from my experience. I keep 10 in my 29g with Honey gourami centerpiece.

If you have never thought of Honey Gouramis, they are just adorable. Cute feelers, super bright yellow/orangey color, super duper peaceful bheavior. Suggesting this as I see you already mentioned fire red and golden rams, so you probably like the yellow/orange tone already, which I love!

My rummy noses were a bit curious about honey's feelers at first, but they stopped the behavior very soon, thankfully. No damage whatsoever.

If you don't like the look of honey gourami, I would probably get gold ram or fire red. I like their look the most out of the list. But it is pure personal choice :D.

And probably I would skip bettas, rummynoses' activity level may bother the betta I feel


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On 1/21/2023 at 5:20 AM, Zzsharks said:

I have been leaning towards them. I think they look great and I read they were very hardy. I am not looking to get a pair though.

A male would be the perfect centerpiece fish. Females also look good, but the males are the real beauty with Bolivian rams. These fish are very personable and super fun to watch especially when they're foraging around the tank. They do recognize you eventually and they would act like mini oscars during feeding time 😅


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On 1/21/2023 at 8:42 PM, Zzsharks said:

I saw honey Gouramis but I don't like them.

Ahh I see. Then whatever floats your boat! 😄 I would get fire red, or probably gold ram as second option. I thought of getting them for myself too before deciding on honey gourami.

Generally I like visiting my lfs, keep checking the breeds I am interested in and watch them in their tank for ages. Then there is usually "I want this one!" type of bonding appears. This helps a lot to have an idea regarding the character of the cichlid you want in person 😄 their behavior can show difference from one another I think. Observing it's attitude towards others in the tank etc. might be a good idea.

As long as you have a general idea what fits well in your tank as a centerpiece fish, I think observing them irl will help you to make your decision. And ofc knowing what they end up looking like once they are happy in your tank. My honey was literally showing no colors and was pure white and stressed when I got him. Witnessing the change was so nice. 

On 1/21/2023 at 3:15 AM, Zzsharks said:

I was just going to pick what looks best at my LFS

I think look for what you feel more bonded rather than the best, but ofc keep an eye on it's health and movement, or if it is eating if possible. They will look great in your tank under good conditions gradually anyway 🙂

This was the day I got my honey gourami:


This is him now:


Loving them and providing a good care turns as the change you look for! 🙂

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On 1/23/2023 at 7:23 PM, Zzsharks said:

Hello! Do you think a betta fish will get to stressed out with rummy nose tetras in the same tank?

Definetly depends on the betta, you might get a shy one, that it stresses it out, you might get an agressive one that bullies them, or you might get one in between. I know this might not be on your plans, but I highly reccomend a trio (1male 2Females) of platies, i just really like them.

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