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Heavy half moon Salvador Dali


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Hey guys! I just wanted to share my experience so far with my betta Salvador…

I bought him from a cup at petsmart and rehabbed him to join my 20 gal long community tank. Everything was going swimmingly (pun intended) until I noticed a couple of my ember tetras nipping at his long lustrous fins. It became incessant. Poor Salvador was relegated to hiding, only braving the open water for meal time.

I thought I found a solution by swapping him into a 14 gallon cube tank with corydoras, who I knew would mind their manners. I put extra rest spots and hides in the tank for him acknowledging the taller profile, but alas, seemingly over night his fins became a tattered remnant of what once was.

Determined to restore him to his full glory I decided to assemble what I call a betta quarantine tank: Fake decor, bare bottom 5 gallon tank. Not the most beautiful of aqua-scapes but most importantly, bountiful resting spots and no cohabitants. 

And now we wait… wait to see if my suspicions of him fin nipping were correct. Wait to see if he was quite literally crumbling under his own weight. Wait to see if living the solo life is all he had hoped for. Even if it becomes a long term lease of this betta quarantine tank it will be worth it to see him recover to his fullest extent. 

Thanks for reading my musings!

p.s. I may strongly consider plakats for all future bettas 😆 







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