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How do you dose your Easy Green?  If you just use X pumps every Y days I don't know why someone couldn't do that.  That would certainly keep your plants on a consistent schedule.  With all my plants I struggle to keep any nitrate residual in my aquariums so I never do water changes because of nitrates.  If you do water changes specifically to reduce nitrates then adding more Easy Green only creates more problems for you and probably is a good idea to put on hold.  In my case with all low tech plants I would just stop fertilizing while I was gone if I was worried about nitrates.  Not like the plants will run out of nitrates while you are gone.


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Advantages of asking the fish sitter to do it: probably not hard to mess up, keeps consistency for plants with regard to growth/health and lighting schedule, makes algae problems less likely if plants can just keep chugging along.

Disadvantages of asking the fish sitter to do it: not impossible to mess up (and overdose could lead to algae problems at the low end and I guess toxicity to the fish if they dumped the whole bottle in at the extremes), plants will keep growing and might become overgrown (could lead to shading problems?) without trimming/maintenance, which you would probably not be asking the sitter to do. Are there fast-growing plants?

Broadly speaking, though, I think if you can trust the sitter to feed the fish, you can probably trust that person to do a couple squirts on schedule.

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