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Algae or hydra?

Renee C.

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I've had this stuff in my tanks on occasion, and above is the first time I've seen a scientific name for it, so thanks @Renee C.!!

Here's a vid of it that I posted elsewhere, like 3-4 years ago I think. https://youtu.be/qymPEm_xxQY

Note the planaria also. Fun times. 

I've never seen it affect fish (or shrimp) directly, but it is something I usually associate with non-stable tanks. Eg recently set up, or some sort of major change. Never seen it in a stable balanced ("seasoned" 🤓) tank. 


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This set up is only 3 months old, so that makes sense. It is spreading quite quickly, so I think I’ll spot treat a small area with peroxide and see it that helps, maybe slightly bigger water changes, and cut back food a little, hopefully it clears.  

I’m glad to hear you haven’t seen it affect fish or shrimp, that’s a relief! Thank you for sharing! 

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